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Heng Aircon is a trusted air conditioning service provider based in Singapore. We specialize in cleaning and maintaining crucial components of your air conditioner, such as the air filter, cooling coils, blower, and drainage pipe. Our goal is to ensure that your air conditioning system functions efficiently, providing you with comfort and peace of mind.

What is Included in General Servicing?

Price List

Unit Price
1 Unit $50
2 Units $60
3 Units $90
4 Units $120
5 Units $150

Aircon filter cleaning, removal, and servicing​

Thorough flushing and brushing of the fan blower

Cleaning algae and disinfecting the water tray

Inspecting the aircon fan and cover

Why is Aircon General Service Important?

Heng Aircon  general service is important because it ensures that your air conditioning unit operates efficiently and effectively. Regular maintenance helps to prevent issues like clogging, blockages, and reduced airflow, which can lead to poor cooling performance and higher energy consumption. It helps to extend the lifespan of your air conditioner and ensures that the air you breathe is clean and healthy.

Our Featured Services

Some general servicing solutions we offer for casette and wall-mounted air conditioners are:

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    Aircon General Service

    Why Choose Us?

    With 10 years of experience, Heng Aircon  is your reliable choice for air conditioning needs. Our skilled technicians ensure top-notch service, focusing on quality, affordability, and timeliness. Customer satisfaction is our priority, and we tailor solutions to meet your needs. With our quick response time, we’ll swiftly solve any issue, keeping you comfortable. Trust Aircon for cooling comfort, always.


    What Our Customers Say?

    Shali Shale
    Shali Shale
    I had a leaking issue and it was a disaster! So usually when we ask for aircon services, it will take days to weeks before they can come and fix the issue..But heng aircon managed to book a slot for me on the spot! Workmanship was good and near as well..will definitely call them again if there is any issue arises
    Douya Chen
    Douya Chen
    Good service and friendly guy. Price reasonable.
    Eric Chin Yii Li
    Eric Chin Yii Li
    Good service 👍🏻
    Ralfh Villena
    Ralfh Villena
    The cleaning and the services is very good, it's highly recommended. Thank you
    XinZi Ow Yong
    XinZi Ow Yong
    Very fast services, aircon leaking problem resolved. Responsive owner.
    Excellent service. same day booking. Fuzz free experience.
    Nur syahirah
    Nur syahirah
    Responded immediately when reached out and straight away arranged for the service the following day. Amazing & fast service. Technician even give advise on maintaining the aircon condition.
    Surya Rania
    Surya Rania
    Great Job and would recommend it for everyone!
    Shahjahan Hussain
    Shahjahan Hussain
    Came on time for a last minute appointment.. did a great job, and was given advice on how to maintain aircon.
    Poh ling Yee
    Poh ling Yee
    The technician from Heng AIrcon was a saviour ! We had an aircon drip in the morning and they sent help in the afternoon on the same day. We are very happy.

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    your partner for superior air conditioning installation services in Singapore. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you stay cool and comfortable all year round.