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Heng aircon is a trustworthy company and transparency price in the market. Specialist in solving aircon water leak and aircon not cold or aircon problem. Advise base on current aircon condition. 100% customer satisfied and workmanship guarantee. Singapore cheapest and reliable aircon service provider with superb service. Same day booking available.

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General Service (1 Time Service)
No. of Units Best Rate
1 Unit $50
2 Units $60
3 Units $90
4 Units $120
5 Units $150
6 Units $180
Yearly Contract (1 Year- 4 Times)
No. of Units Best Rate
1 Unit $200
2 Units $200
3 Units $300
4 Units $400
5 Units $500
6 Units $600
Gas Top Up
Type of Gas Best Rate
R22 from $60 to $150
410A / R32 from $80 to $180
Chemical Overhaul
Type of BTU Best Rate
9k and 12k BTU $150
18k and 24k BTU $180
About Our Services

Reliable Aircon Service In Singapore​

Aircon Repair services
General Servicing

Comprehensive general aircon servicing for your needs, for casette and wall-mounted air conditioners

Chemical Overhaul

Get rid of stubborn stains and dirt with this effective chemical treatment

Aircon Repair

Aircon leaking water, aircon not cold and need a replacement for malfunctioning parts? We’re here to help!

Gas Top Up

We provide aircon gas top up services for different refrigerant types!

Installation & Replacement

Experienced aircon installation & replacement services !


Aircon leaking water, aircon not cold and need a replacement for malfunctioning parts? 


Most Common Aircon Issues

Aircon Not Cold
Aircon Water Leakage
Aircon Bad Odour
Aircon Noise Issues
Aircon Compressor Issues
Aircon Other Issues

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What Our Customers Say?

Shali Shale
Shali Shale
I had a leaking issue and it was a disaster! So usually when we ask for aircon services, it will take days to weeks before they can come and fix the issue..But heng aircon managed to book a slot for me on the spot! Workmanship was good and near as well..will definitely call them again if there is any issue arises
Douya Chen
Douya Chen
Good service and friendly guy. Price reasonable.
Eric Chin Yii Li
Eric Chin Yii Li
Good service 👍🏻
Ralfh Villena
Ralfh Villena
The cleaning and the services is very good, it's highly recommended. Thank you
XinZi Ow Yong
XinZi Ow Yong
Very fast services, aircon leaking problem resolved. Responsive owner.
Excellent service. same day booking. Fuzz free experience.
Nur syahirah
Nur syahirah
Responded immediately when reached out and straight away arranged for the service the following day. Amazing & fast service. Technician even give advise on maintaining the aircon condition.
Surya Rania
Surya Rania
Great Job and would recommend it for everyone!
Shahjahan Hussain
Shahjahan Hussain
Came on time for a last minute appointment.. did a great job, and was given advice on how to maintain aircon.
Poh ling Yee
Poh ling Yee
The technician from Heng AIrcon was a saviour ! We had an aircon drip in the morning and they sent help in the afternoon on the same day. We are very happy.
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Why Choose Heng Aircon Pte. Ltd

A professional aircon servicing company will help you to sort out your complicated aircon issues. We Advice you on the best methods and tips to maintain your Aircon Cleaning Service properly.

Heng Aircon is one of the best aircon companies in Singapore with experienced technicians. We offer a premium air conditioner service and installation for you. 

We are selling all popular aircon brands. You can contact us and we do a free site survey and help you to get the best aircon and install that aircon in your preferred place.

We are a certified and registered company in Singapore with well-experienced experts. With many positive reviews, customers love our service very much.

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    Excellent work we've done!

    We’re a reliable Aircon servicing company that has been delivering our services with a smile for years. Our reliable team of technicians were carefully chosen through a strict selection process to ensure quality services.

    Aircon Repair services
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    Make An Appointment Today!

    Let us know how we can help! Fill in your details and our dedicated staff will contact you within 24 hours.

    FAQ Section.

    The BTU (British Thermal Unit) rating of an aircon refers to its cooling capacity. It indicates how much heat the unit can remove from a room per hour. The higher the BTU rating, the greater the cooling power of the air conditioner. It’s essential to choose an aircon with an appropriate BTU rating based on the size and cooling requirements of the space you intend to cool.A professional air conditioning service company will help you solve complex air conditioning problems. We advise you on the best methods and tips for proper maintenance of air conditioner cleaning services.

    Aircool is one of the best air conditioning companies in Singapore with experienced technicians. We provide you with quality air conditioning services and installation.

    We sell all popular air conditioner brands. Contact us and we will conduct a free site survey to help you purchase the best air conditioner and install it in the location of your choice.

    We are a certified and registered company with experienced professionals in Singapore. With many positive reviews, customers love our services.

    Yes, Heng Aircon provides a workmanship warranty for our servicing. Our warranty ensures that you receive quality service and peace of mind regarding any workmanship-related issues.

    The cost of aircon installation can vary depending on factors such as the type of unit, the complexity of the installation, and any additional requirements. For a precise quote, please contact Heng Aircon directly, and our team will be happy to assist you.

    The duration of aircon installation typically varies based on factors like the type of unit, the size of the property, and the existing infrastructure. Generally, installations can take anywhere from a few hours to a day. For a more accurate estimation, please consult with our team.

    Yes, Heng Aircon offers free site surveys for aircon installations. Our experienced technicians will assess your property’s layout and requirements to provide you with the most suitable aircon solution.


    Yes, regular aircon servicing is essential for maintaining the efficiency and longevity of your air conditioning system. It helps prevent issues such as reduced cooling capacity, energy wastage, and potential breakdowns, ensuring your unit operates smoothly.

    Aircon installation requires specialized knowledge and skills to ensure proper setup and safety. Attempting a DIY installation can lead to damage to the unit, inadequate performance, and safety hazards. It’s advisable to rely on professional technicians for aircon installations to ensure optimal results.